Skin Serendipity works closely with SkinScriptRX to promote overall health and wellness of the skin throughout the year through proper vitamins, antioxidants and treatments. Also known as our Facial of the Month, these client favorites provide immediate results using more in-depth, intense treatments on the skin. Please note these treatments are seasonal and are subject to change based on availability.

Chocolate Cherry: $80

A cherry enzyme blend with a chocolate mint mask 

Ideal to promote deep hydration while relieving the surface signs of aging

Arctic Cranberry$80

A cranberry enzyme paired with a nourishing peppermint mask 

Ideal for dry, dull winter skin with anti aging properties

Spiced Golden Pear: $80

A golden pear enzyme paired with a frankincense/myrrh nourishing mask 

Packed with brightening and hydrating properties for the skin

Pumpkin Spice Latte: $80

A pumpkin spice enzyme paired with a cinnamon, clove and amber nourishing mask

Ideal for dry, dull skin

Spiced Apple Cider: $80

An apple enzyme paired with a spice blend, nourishing mask

Ideal for dry, dull skin

Lemon Drop: $72

A lemon enzyme treatment using lactic acid to provide hydration and brightening benefits 

A great way to try a chemical peel for the first time without any harsh down time

Raspberry Peach: $65

A raspberry peach enzyme with goji berry mask 

Ideal for all clients including sensitive skin! Safe for pregnancy